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Podcast Rebellion: Do alternate uniforms dictate success? We also preview the rest of the SEC

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Everyone is a critic. And SPOILER the SEC is predictable at the top again.

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Jamie Sabau-Getty Images

Ole Miss football announced on Sunday night this week that they would be wearing brand new all white uniforms for the season opener against Texas Tech. Most of the responses were extremely positive but some still have reservations about change for some reason. We discuss our thoughts on what we think about the new unis and other big-time programs who have ventured out and shaken things up when it comes to fashion.

We also give our predictions for the rest of the Southeastern Conference. Will the West be Alabama again with no competition? Is Georgia the favorite in the East? Will South Carolina take the next step? Can Auburn or State make Nick Saban sweat?

All this and more on another spectacular off-season episode.

Just four more weeks until we start previewing REAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

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