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Countdown to Ole Miss football 2018 - No. 88

Our son hates Skyline Chili. But, he loves his Rebs.

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Mississippi v Oklahoma State Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

We’re back again with only 88 days until the 2018 Ole Miss football season kicks off against Lubbock Centralized School for HVAC repair and plumbing.

”OMTB, you skipped some numbers in the countdown, why you so lazy?”

Guess what? I was eating hot dog sandwiches and watching a sport that I don’t really want to talk about all weekend. The important thing is that you’re right, and I don’t care. For Rebel of the Day No. 88, we head on over to Alabama and find a wide receiver who took some time to fully come into his own, but boy howdy did he ever develop.

Our large, very fast son, Cody Core, is next on our list of this year’s countdown.

Core played both ways in high school but mostly logged time as a wide receiver. Can you imagine him standing at 6’3 at defensive back though? Good gravy, that’d be intimidating for any swoop-haired Bama bro at high school quarterback.

Not only was Core from Alabama, he went to Auburn High School in Auburn, Ala. Literally a hop, skip and a tiny jump from the team that invented skirting NCAA rules and ethics — Auburn University. It was a glorious snatching of backyard talent to have Core join the Rebels in Oxford.

However, in Core’s first two seasons in Oxford, he had less than 100 yards receiving combined, but I kept hearing his name again and again as a potential breakout star in the making. His first career start for the Rebels in 2014 - we found out what all the hullabaloo was as he broke out for 110 receiving yards and two touchdowns against Boise State in the Chick-fil-A Kick-off Extravaganza.

And one magnificent finger wag that will live in infamy.

Our beautiful No. 88 piled up more than 1,200 receiving yards his final two years at Ole Miss, including a 73-yard catch and scamper against Alabama. He disrespected the Tide and lived to tell the tale, guys and gals.

Core went on to run a very quick 40-yard dash in the NFL Combine and has been on the Cincinnati Bengals for the past two seasons, snagging 17 receptions for 200 yards last season.

He’s number 88 and he’s our Rebel of the Day — Cody Core.