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Podcast Rebellion: Tanner Mathis and Sikes Orvis recap 2018, talk pitching rotation 2019, and hitting off Stephen Head

The two former Rebs join to talk this year’s disapointing end, what next year could potentially bring, which ‘Sandlot’ character they are, and what it’s like to hit off a legend in batting practice.

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Ole Miss Athletics

It’s the off season so naturally we’re going to get weird. So who better to help us out than former baseball Rebs Tanner Mathis and Sikes Orvis, right? The two friends of the show regale us with tales of past glory, talk about how the Ole Miss baseball’s season went, what they thought of Tennessee Tech, what it’s like to hit off Stephen Head, and which ‘Sandlot’ character they believe they resemble the most.

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