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Former Ole Miss DL Jerrell Powe cordially invites Mark Emmert and NCAA to his graduation ceremony

Awww, what a thoughtful gesture.

Ole Miss v Alabama
Comin’ for you, Emmert.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Former Ole Miss defensive lineman Jerrell Powe finished his college career with the Rebs in 2010 under the head coaching of [checks notes] Houston Nutt, and was picked in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. These are all true statements.

Former Ole Miss defensive lineman Jerrell Powe also apparently holds strong feelings for his college football program, as well he should. Powe, something of an NFL journeyman who currently floats about as a free agent, completed his degree this spring semester. That’s excellent news, and follows in the train of a number of pro guys that return to complete degrees after leaving the, um, amateur ranks before graduating. Vince Young, for instance, eventually finished his studies off at Texas not too long ago, in 2013.

How then should a fervent Ole Miss fan, former player and fresh alum celebrate his undergraduate matriculation in the year 2018? By inviting Mark Emmert and the NCAA to his commencement celebrations. We’ll let Powe take it from here.

This tweet here is a strong argument for maintaining a commitment and dedication to finishing out one’s academic career, even after heading to he professional football ranks. That is to say, study the hell out of Marxist and Socialist thought and BECOME WOKE. If the NCAA actually paid its laborers compensation commensurate with labor expended and revenue generated, then college football (or basketball, or any sport) players wouldn’t necessarily feel the need to jump ship from a university education so early. Instead, Powe decided to test out his earning power before accruing enough credit hours for a degree and had to return to school some eight years later to complete a diploma.

It’s encouraging that more and more current and former players are picking up on this thinking and speaking publicly about it. Why, just last week, current Florida DB Chauncey Gardner-Wilson made a compelling point about CFB’s recent update to on-field uniform regulations.

#FinsUp, NCAA, you gigantic robber barons.