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Welcome to our debut into “Incomprehensible #EggBowlTwitter Cartoons”

We are a political cartoon blog now.

TwoYards-MS Paint

As you can imagine, we’ve been quite busy as of late. The weekend was kind to Ole Miss fans as Mike Bianco’s club won four-straight games, demolished LSU, and took home the brand-spankin’ new SEC Tournament trophy (no more granite triangle). And adding to that on Monday was Arianne Hartono won the NCAA singles title in women’s tennis and the NCAA Baseball selection show honored the Rebs’ 46-15 season with a No. 4 overall seed and navigable regional.

But, there was one thing that was overshadowed by all that. And for the life of me, I can’t imagine why because it is a spectacular piece of artwork. I mean, a masterpiece if you will. The amazing work and dedication that was put in to this is humbling and downright motivating.

So naturally we have decided to get into the #EggBowlTwitter political cartoon game. So enjoy!

Rosebowl was Write


Bark Bark, said the dogs


Cleaning Up the Rivalry


Coaching Change


Crimes Against the NCAA


The Temptation of Shea Patterson


We have submitted this collection to several museums and auction houses for consideration, will update when TwoYards’ masterpieces are on display and/or up for sale.

Now, what they mean, your guess is as good as ours.