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Watch Ole Miss baseball react to grabbing No. 4 national seed

Business as usual.

Yancy Porter-Twitter

Ole Miss baseball, fresh off a 9-1 thrashing of LSU in the SEC tournament, watched on Monday as they were revealed to be the No. 4 overall national seed in this year’s NCAA baseball tournament. They were somewhat subdued, because this outcome was somewhat expected.

Our large baseball boys probably played themselves into this spot over the course of the past week, what with outstanding wins over Georgia, Auburn, Texas A&M and LSU. All of those clubs are tournament-bound, with Georgia also a fellow national seed.

Ole Miss has come on so strong down the stretch here that ESPNU’s selection show guys had Mike Bianco on to talk about the team and their chances. He’s optimistic, to say the least, and as the video up there shows, his Rebs are taking a workmanlike attitude into their Oxford regional.

#PackSwayze. #GrowTheStache.