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SEC Baseball Tournament 2018: Bracket, schedule, scores, and TV info

Check throughout the week for updates.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

The Ole Miss Rebels took care of business in Tuscaloosa, Ala. last weekend and are the No. 2 seed behind the No. 1 overall seed Florida Gators. Mike Bianco’s club won the SEC West after No. 4 seed Arkansas lost to No. 3 Georgia on the road and surrendered the top spot they had occupied for most of the year, but since the Hogs lost two-of-three in Oxford, the good guys take home the title.

Turning our attention to Hoover, Ole Miss would like to win Wednesday’s game and maybe one more to feel good about a national seed. As of now, you’re sitting pretty after winning your division, 42 overall games, and 18 in the SEC, but a few more W’s wouldn’t hurt. And if the Rebs had a choice, they would much rather face Auburn from a RPI standpoint and a team who will almost certainly not throw Casey Mize and could be handled one would think with relative ease. Kentucky is a little more dangerous because, well, they have nothing to lose and a few really good arms.

Regardless of what happens, the Rebels will host their 16th NCAA Regional under Mike Bianco and as things stand right now, they appear to be holding the keys to Omaha with a possible 6th Super Regional in The Velvet Ditch.

The bracket

SEC Sports

The schedule

All games on SEC Network, all times ET


First Round (single elimination)

Game 1: Texas A&M 3, Vanderbilt 1 (Vanderbilt eliminated)

Game 2: Auburn 4, Kentucky 3 (Kentucky eliminated)

Game 3: Mississippi State 5, LSU 8 (Mississippi State eliminated)

Game 4: Missouri 2, South Carolina 4 (Missouri eliminated)


Second Round (double elimination)

Game 5: Georgia 0, Texas A&M 7

Game 6: Ole Miss 3, Auburn 9

Game 7: Florida 4, LSU 3

Game 8: Arkansas 13, South Carolina 8


Third Round (double elimination)

Game 9: Georgia 4, Ole Miss 5 (Georgia eliminated)

Game 10: LSU 6, South Carolina 4 (South Carolina eliminated)

Game 11: Texas A&M 4, Auburn 2


Quarterfinals (double elimination)

Game 12: Arkansas 8, Florida 2

Game 13: Ole Miss 7, Auburn 0 (Auburn eliminated)


Semifinals (single elimination)

Game 14: LSU 11, Florida 0

Game 15: Texas A&M 1, Ole Miss 2

Game 16: Arkansas 1, LSU 2


Game on ESPN

Championship: No. 2 Ole Miss vs. No. 8 LSU, 3pm