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Podcast Rebellion: Red Cup Selection Committee breaks down the national seed picture

We are now athletic directors at obscure colleges across the country, here to play NCAA Baseball Tournament God.

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Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

After clobbering Auburn in the last home series of the year, the No. 5-ranked Rebs are back in the mix for a national seed. So naturally, we three argued about it for a little over 30 minutes. Despite the Rebs impressive 39-13 overall record and 16-11 SEC record, there are still question marks out there.

  • Will the non-conference strength of schedule be an issue?
  • Will little guy Stetson get in over the Rebs?
  • Does the NCAA want that many SEC national seeds?
  • Can the ACC get one? Two?
  • Is the Big 12 still playing baseball?
  • What about Oregon State? Do they deserve another top tier national seed despite playing no one?

All of these questions AND MORE are answered on this week’s episode. The fellas debate and go back-and-forth about Ole Miss’ current standings and what they need to do to lock this thing up.

The Rebs just need to keep winning, baby. That’s all they can do and all they need to worry about. You can’t control your own destiny (it’s literally not possible), but you can control your mindset.

Just. Keep. Winning.

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