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U.S. Supreme Court makes sports betting legal. Here are some early bets to make


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March Madness Viewing Party At The Westgate Las Vegas Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It was just a regular ole Monday.

The coffee tasted the same as it always does, the kids were off at school and yaboi OMTB had settled in for the 40 hour a week grind.

Then it happened.

The Supreme Court of the United States opened the veritable flood gates of sports betting allowing states to govern as they choose how people can gamble on sports in their sovereign piece of land.

The players cards in my wallet for every casino in Tunica started tingling, growing white hot, ready for use. Word came down today we fine folks in Mississippi could be betting on sports at our beloved casinos in 45 days. JUST IN TIME FOR FOOTBALL SEASON.

So, with that in mind, you need a list of the first bets you better go and put your entire life savings, Roth IRA, 401K and future inheritance loans on.


Ole Miss +40000 to win the National Championship

“OMTB, you are wasting my money with this, dummy.”

Look, it’s $100 to win $40,000 and then you can go to Aruba and be king of the island for a week or something. One thing I know about foreign countries is they really love it when you have American money and refuse to exchange it for their fake looking monies that have like pictures of birds on them or some shit.

Louisville +29.5 vs Bama

Bobby Petrino ain’t losing by more than four touchdowns the first week of the season. He’ll be like Red Beaulieu opening up that secret playbook and pulling out all the stops to keep his team in it.

Miami (-1) vs LSU

Oh, the corn dogs are on a neutral site in a game that doesn’t have a title on the line against Mark Richt?


Coach O’s run out of town on a rail tour will begin Sept. 2 at the hands of the Hurricanes.

LA Rams to win Super Bowl 53 - 10:1

Another year of experience under their belt and one of the most talented and young teams will make the dream come true for the very undeserving people of Los Angeles. At 10:1 odds, it’s an interesting bet at least and at least you’re not some boring-ass bum grinding out another season pulling for the Patriots.

Now that it’s official and LEGAL, head down south to Biloxi after this weekend’s series to Harrah’s Gulf Coast for some blackjack, slots, and good Southern cooking from our good friend, Kelly English, at the Magnolia House. What’s not to like? Winning money, drinking, indoor/outdoor sports bar, STARBUCKS, and our pal Kelly whipping stuff up in a crock pot probably. Go down to the Coast and tell em Red Cup sent ya! IT’S LEGAL NOW, Y’ALL!!!!