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2018 Cheap Beers for the Summer Review

Back at it again for all the haters and losers, of which there are many.

Post Malone Performs For Bud Light's Dive Bar Tour At The Exit/In In Nashville Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Bud Light

Good morning,

Lets talk about beers....


Five-inch inseams.

Ice cold brews.

IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME - your 2018 Cheap Beers for the Summer Review courtesy of ya boi, OMTB’s liver.

We’ve done cheap brew reviews in the past, and it’s vital to understand what we define as a cheap beer.

  1. Like a buck per beer or less - because economy is bad? Good? Who knows anymore?
  2. Can be bought in 12 packs or larger - because volume and hydration, science.
  3. American made - oh you like Tecate or Pilsner Urquell and want it on a list? Go start your own blog then
  4. Macro only (see No. 3), but replace with a craft brewer who makes cardamom and blueberry hefeweizen in a bathtub that you just can’t get enough of slide in them mentions on Twitter if you are #madonline.

The weather has finally gotten over trying to kill us all and warmed up in the last couple weeks. The restaurants with outdoor tables are now strutting around with flush bank accounts from folks desperate to enjoy a warm breeze on their face and a cold beer in hand.

So we found a few new release beers for 2018 for our Cheap Beer for the Summer review. There’s Two Hats Pineapple and Lime, Bud Light Orange, Michelob Ultra Golden and Budweiser Freedom Reserve.


When I saw this on the shelf, its neon orange blazing into my eye portals, I thought it would be a potential home run. Bud Light Lime is in the rotation for summer beers, but it’s always been overly acidic so an orange take seemed like a mellow-er option. Boy was I wrong in the direction of this disaster. It’s likely that some Faygo Orange Soda and Bud Light got mixed up in some kind of terrible tractor trailer accident to create this beast. It’s overly artificial tasting, too sweet and could not stomach the entire 25oz can. Swing and miss, you guys.


Organic and low carb is not how yaboi OMTB typically lives life, so this beer was not even on my radar until someone offered me a free one (the best type of beer in the world). If you’ve ever had a Michelob Golden Draft, which is elusive in most parts of the country, this is about as close as you’ll get in terms of flavor, finish, etc. This beer immediately entered my rotation for summer beers — only 80ish calories and less than three carbs means I’m gonna be back in those red pants from college in no time.


If you love your country, you will buy this beer. A dollar from every case sold goes to Folds of Honor, which supports scholarships for children of veterans. The recipe is also inspired by supposedly a beer recipe of George Washington’s, or so the marketing department tells us. At 5.4% ABV, this is a solid buzz-inducing beer with decent hoppiness and molasses flavor. Pretty much the only way to watch rockets’ red glare on the 4th of July iyam.

TWO HATS (available in Pineapple and Lime)

Here’s a brew from Miller Coors to try and get a key demographic (21-30 year-olds) to drink their product. Who doesn’t love the two fruit flavors they placed on this extremely light beer when sitting by a body of water? This is a 4.2% ABV product, so you’re not going to be tanked after a few. The fruity appeal is more in the smell than the taste for these two. They finish dry and refreshing and literally would only be viable when its hot and humid outside. Super pale, super fizzy.

Whether you’re pounding cheap-o’s or going with some high brow Chimay that costs $40 a sip, make sure you’re drinking responsibly and don’t drink and drive, you guys. We need you here to keep clicking on our blog. Cheers!