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Former Ole Miss DL Jerrell Powe had a much better graduation weekend than you did

Did YOU happen to eat a wild hog?

Kansas City Chiefs v Green Bay Packers
When the NCAA doesn’t show up to your graduation celebration.

Last time we checked in former with Ole Miss defensive lineman Jerrell Powe, he was thoroughly trashing the NCAA and Mark Emmert by cheerily inviting them to his commencement proceedings at Ole Miss this past weekend.

After all, the NCAA’s labor model — such as it is, if we can even call it a “labor model” — pushed Powe to bait out his professional prospects in the NFL Draft after the 2010 college season, and he did quite fine for himself after being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2011 draft. He’s currently listed as a free agent in the NFL, but more importantly, he’s also a graduate of the University of Mississippi as of this weekend. That kicks ass.

How did Powe celebrate? Well, by roasting the NCAA, and then roasting some damn wild boar.

Searing hot heat that drives right into one of the many problems with the NCAA’s current setup. Dominate, legislate, dictate student-athlete lives while in school, then total silence when they come back to school to finish out a degree. “The NCAA prides itself on student-athletes’ completion of academic requirements” or some such runs the proverbial NCAA proudspeak, but when a player invites you to his commencement proceedings, there’s zilch. Huh.

Anyway, Powe won’t linger on his Emmert graduation snub. No: Powe is severely focused on far, far more pressing matters. He’s not just torching the NCAA; he’s out here torching whole wild hogs for gustatory reasons. Look at this friggin’ beauty.

That’s some damn fine food that we can get behind, notwithstanding our staunch alignment with Powe’s thoughts on the NCAA. Mark Emmert and company aren’t worth the carcinogens on the bottom of Powe’s smoker. Feed Mark Emmert human meat and tell him it’s hog — he’ll believe it, savor it, and eat it with gusto. Because that’s what Mark Emmert does: masticate humans he knows nothing about, for immense profit.

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all.