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This Auburn strikeout swing is hilariously bad

Brady Feigl whipped one right off the table.

Ole Miss baseball is kindly hosting Auburn in Oxford this weekend, and the Diamond Rebs opened the series with a 5-4 win in Thursday night’s opening salvo. Friday’s action hasn’t slowed a whit, with Rebel ace and conference strikeout leader Brady Feigl dealing straight heat through the first five innings with NINE fannings thus far in the proceedings.

Here is one of those goodbyes, to end the top of the second inning.

That there is some funky stuff. 84 mph with significant movement from a high release point suggests a hard-thrown 12-6 curve, but we also can’t rule out the possibility that Feigl dealt a lethal slider or some such similar toss. Either way, this thing went and died dead around the time it crossed over the dirt and then went hard left.

The special beauty about this strikeout whip is just how thoroughly it confounded Auburn outfielder Jay Estes, who appears to give the hell up midway through his swing. This hurl started at his nose and ended up at his ankles, and broke seven feet to the left in the process. Go ahead, swing away, and look like a fool while doing so, Estes. Feigl cares not for your feelings.

Ole Miss leads, 4-1, in the fifth after a Tyler Keenan solo blast to left center.