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Podcast Rebellion: Ole Miss baseball is fine

It’s over and done with.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Well, that sucked.

The No. 3 Rebs lost their first series of the year to last place Mississippi State. Not good. Not good at all, y’all. But, the good news is, it is just April and there is plenty of baseball to be played and plenty of wins to be had.

All they have to do now is bounce back against top-20 Southern Miss in Pearl and then rebound on the road against top-20 Vanderbilt. Pretty easy, right?


  • Is Ryan Rolison back now?
  • Can Brady Feigl bounce back?
  • What has happened to Will Golsan?
  • Who else would you play in centerfield?
  • What is your prediction for this week?

The Sway may not be hosting a game for a while, but you still need some meat. So get on over to LB’s Meat Market, the official sponsor of this here podcast, and get the best protein for your Ole Miss baseball and softball grilling needs. Also, speaking of softball, the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW food truck will be in left field ALL SEASON LONG!