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A look into the future: Ole Miss Football Pro Day 2019

Ole Miss’ Photoshop wizards are using future pro days for crootin’ purposes, so let’s play along.

Mississippi v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

If you can recall a time before Mike Bianco decided to mess with the weekend starting pitching rotation of a team that is 25-4, you might remember that Ole Miss football hosted its annual Pro Day last week. It was a time for graduating players and those players leaving early to show professional scouts that they were not a reason why last year’s team went 6-6.

Because Pro Days get a fair amount of publicity, the Ole Miss crew behind sending croots hype Photoshop work took advantage of that. Here’s something they sent Tupelo High School wide receiver, and current Ole Miss commit, Jordan Jernigan:

It’s a good idea from Ole Miss’ people who do those things (sorry I do not have an official title to use), and the execution is terrific. However, I hope there is a follow-up series in which an NFL scout and the team’s personnel management group engage in a screaming match over whether Jernigan’s hands are an eighth of an inch smaller than previously measured (preferably one using that American Chopper meme that I will love forever).

After seeing that future Pro Day idea, I asked myself, “Self, what if we sped things up and took at look at next year’s Pro Day, using, well, more like stealing the scout’s notebook idea?” And I gotta say, folks, self really liked the idea.

As I’ve mentioned before, despite evidence to the contrary, I attempt to value my time, so I couldn’t get around to everyone, but I did manage to cover some of the most likely 2019 Pro Day participants. Of the five selections, D.K. Metcalf is the only one not certain to participate, but I’m assuming if he improves even slightly, he’s gone because 2019 Ole Miss football LOLOLOLOLOLOL.


A.J. Brown

Jordan Ta’amu

Greg Little

D.K. Metcalf

DaMarkus Lodge