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Just some haikus about Ole Miss baseball and Thomas Dillard’s mustache

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Josh McCoy — Ole Miss Athletics

It’s Monday, and Ole Miss baseball beat up LSU in Oxford this weekend. Also, because it’s Monday, the latest national college baseball polls were released, and the Rebs find themselves ranked No. 4, after a previous season high of No. 3 a few weeks ago.

A significant portion of Ole Miss’ offensive success this season can be attributed to Thomas Dillard and his 10 big boy long shots out of the yard — or, more appropriately, to his magnificent mustache, which has brought back his power hitting in a very real and big boy way.

As someone pointed out in our Slack this morning, Dillard has some large adult thighs. Like, linebacker thighs. Can Dillard play linebacker, by the way? Just give him Taylor Polk’s scholarship, because there’s no reason for a fire hydrant to attend college, much less have it paid for.

That then further got us thinking: how many haikus can Thomas Dillard’s enormous legs produce? Well, it turns out that they can produce no fewer than seven haikus.

Thomas Dillard haikus, as penned by the RCR staff

One Man To Beat

Thomas Dillard’s thighs
man slapping dingers all day
hits them to the sun

The Ghost of Jay Cutler

squats, squats, and more squats
this is Thomas Dillard’s day
maybe lunges, too

Zach Berry

whiskey meat divine
together legends are made
mustaches help, too

One Man To Beat, again

excuse me, pardon
two thighs rubbing back and forth
it’s a home run trot

Juco All-American

my strong stumps and
mighty mustache deliver
dingers all day

Jim Lohmar

mustache power? yes
going yard is what I do
the large baseball boy


as the wind blows gentle
on a warm April evening
’stache dingers fly far

Thank you for reading, and as ever, #GrowTheStache.