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Mel Kiper projects A.J. Brown and Greg Little as top 10 prospects in 2019 NFL Draft

No brainers, really.

Mississippi v Mississippi State
When you’re definitely a top 10 pick.
Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

It’s always too early to begin thinking about next year’s NFL Draft. That being said, it’s never too early to begin thinking about next year’s NFL Draft.

All that being said, among those college players staring down a full 2018 season, NFL Combine, and pursuant 2019 NFL Draft, who currently ranks in the top 10 for ESPN draft insider and sentient forehead Mel Kiper’s next crop of professional football talent? So glad you asked.

That’s six players on the defensive side of the business to four offensive players, and, would you look at that, one A.J. Brown rolls in as the top wideout prospect in Kiper’s thinking for next year’s class of NFL prospects. Let’s also note that Greg Little rates as the top offensive line pick, and let’s also not that this comes as a large disrespect to the Tide, because he’s ahead of Alabama’s Jonah Williams. Let’s further note that Kiper likes six SEC prospects to go in the top 10, including two from Alabama and — in another extremely disrespectful turn for the Tide — two from Ole Miss.

Now, this top 10 is of course one hirsute man’s opinion. Still, Kiper’s been at this for a while, and without having read a single one of his mock drafts in the history of such digital content, we can safely say that he’s 100 percent correct in projecting Brown and Little into next year’s top 10 picks.

That’s what Ole Miss pays them for, anyway.