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Thomas Dillard’s sentient mustache, which we willed into existence, bashed a mustachioed banger over the right field wall to overcome LSU in Oxford


Ole Miss baseball got into a bit of a dog fight midway through the Rebs’ third game with LSU on Saturday, giving up a six-run third inning that had Mike Bianco’s shop firmly on the ropes. The Rebs managed to manufacture a 9-8 win to clinch a series W over the perennial power from Baton Rouge.

The DiamondSharks battled back in the bottom half of the meeting from a 7-4 deficit, and in the bottom of the seventh inning with ducks on first and second and one out, Red Cup Rebellion’s enormous mustachioed hero Thomas Dillard stepped to the plate and performed the following feat of Herculean labor.

That propped the Rebs up at 9-7 in the seventh, and LSU would cross just one run more to eventually fail out Saturday, 9-8, to the largest and strongest of baseball boys in the SEC, if not in the country.

Thomas Dillard has now crushed three poor and unsuspecting baseballs to their immediate and fiery deaths since we, Red Cup Rebellion Dot Com, nudged him into the world of hirsute power hitting, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t take full and complete credit for our big baseball boy’s resurgence as a power hitter and all around good dude.

Dillard, if you’re reading this, thanks for keeping the dream alive. #GrowTheStache.