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Podcast Rebellion: Greg Jones of LB’s Meat Market joins for #WHISKEYANDMEAT talk

The man, the myth, the legend talks meat, Oxford, baseball, and more meat.

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Zach Berry-Twitter

The No. 6 Ole Miss Rebels are coming off a shellacking of the visiting Tigers, 14-3, in game one of the series to improve to 33-10 (11-8) and are looking to take the series tonight. But, while you’re prepping your meat and/or packing a cooler for left or right field, take a listen to our interview here with the feller who fuels the Rebs. Greg was kind enough to host the podcast in his shop today and we had some fun talking meat, baseball, Oxford life, and even more meat.

  • Could D.K. Metcalf eat a pound of spaghetti every single day and stay the same? Is he human?
  • How did he get his start in the meat market business?
  • What is on the menu for Double Decker?
  • How was Thomas Dilard’s mustache live and in color?
  • Which SEC coach is the weirdest about their food?

Come see Greg before games two and three and get you some meat at LB’s Meat Market, the official sponsor of this here podcast, and the best protein for your Ole Miss baseball grilling needs. Also, the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW food truck will be out and about this weekend for Double Decker. So go find it!

And if you like gambling and good food, head down south to Biloxi after this weekend’s series to Harrah’s Gulf Coast for some blackjack, slots, and good Southern cooking from our good friend, Kelly English, at the Magnolia House. What’s not to like? Winning money, drinking, indoor/outdoor sports bar, STARBUCKS, and our pal Kelly whipping stuff up in a crock pot probably. Go down to the Coast and tell em Red Cup sent ya!