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Ole Miss baseball has found its new Sikes Orvis, and his name is Thomas Dillard


Ole Miss baseball’s 2018 campaign has run off to a roaring start, notwithstanding last week’s 2-2 record and series loss at Vanderbilt. The Rebs currently sit at No. 8 in D1Baseball’s latest rankings, with a national seed and hosting privileges in their latest NCAA baseball tournament projections. That seems pretty good.

Ole Miss baseball’s 2018 campaign has run off to a roaring start in no small part due to the club’s excellent pitching and newfound life on offense. The Rebs have scored no less than 268 runs since the season’s opening day, and 37 of those owe to one Thomas Dillard, the DiamondSharks’ newest big boy ball tattooer. In addition to leading Mike Bianco’s outfit in runs production, Dillard has clanked seven home runs so far this year, which ties him for clubhouse lead with Cole Zabowski and Nick Fortes.

Remarkably, every single member of Ole Miss’ starting lineup has gone yard at least once this season. Again, that seems pretty good.

But we’re here to talk about Red Cup Rebellion’s newest large adult son, Thomas Dillard, who blasts home runs with a fierceness not seen since since fellow large adult Rebel man Sikes Orvis. Speaking of ol’ Sikes Orvis, let’s remind ourselves of our man’s glorious mustache.

Stunning, to be honest. Iconic, even, and a wonderful time capsule of that time Ole Miss smashed a lot of balls, earned a regional hosting site, then promptly failed out of the 2016 tournament after two games.

Let us also never forget that Orvis caused more than 72 gallons worth of beer to go flying into the air above Swayze Field’s right field stands over the course of his college career.

We’ve mentioned this before, but Dillard needs to callback to Orvis’ extremely good facial hair if he wants to carry the Orvis mantle over the right field fence with any regularity. And, folks, it appears we may be getting just that.

Wait for it.

Dillard, if you’re reading this: thank you for your service. #GrowTheStache.