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Ole Miss baseball’s Thomas Dillard can’t stop rocketing baseballs out to Tupelo

There was no question about this one.

Ole Miss baseball ripped apart Austin Peay on Tuesday night, 11-4, in an otherwise unremarkable midweek college baseball game that should scan with little more than an “oh, cool” from Rebel baseball fans. Or any college baseball fans anywhere.

What we’re here to discuss, however, is Thomas Dillard’s giant three-run blast into Swayze’s right field stands, but probably, maybe, into Sardis Lake in the bottom of Tuesday night’s third inning. My guy shot this cannon out so hard Austin Peay’s right fielder didn’t even bother tracking it.

That’s a giant big boy smash — like, remarkably large — and Thomas Dillard needs to begin growing out that mustache, like, yesterday. Ole Miss baseball needs another Sikes Orvis in the worst way, and the only means to that kind of power hitting is a prodigious mustache. Tank, if you’re reading this, get the fuck on the mustache, my man.

Let’s take a look at this epic homer. Our first stop is Dillard’s beautiful swing. Look at this magnificent bastard.

Glorious. Let’s check in on Austin Peay’s right fielder and how he felt about trying to catch this missile.

That ball is flying over our man’s head and he’s just standing there letting it pass by. Wonderful stuff.

Again: Thomas Dillard needs a glorious mustache if he wants to supplant Sikes Orvis as the greatest Rebel hitter of all time. Just saying.