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Podcast Rebellion: This weekend’s series won’t define the season

We preview the Arkansas series and discover that it’s another similar match up.

On this week’s preview episode, we talk about the 2018 team’s swagger and how they appear to never be phased by adversity. And they will need it this weekend when they welcome in the Razorbacks who are sporting a .311 team average and lots of dinger power. This is going to be a fun one with the Rebs having one of the nation’s most elite staffs in the country.

Buckle up.

  • When will Will Golsan crank things up?
  • Ryan Rolison is due, right?
  • Is Dallas Woolfolk back?
  • Have you had LB’s sloppy joe totchos yet?
  • Who is your least favorite Arkansas player?
  • Tell me who is this weekend’s MVP.

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