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SEC Baseball Roundup: Georgia plays baseball?

Oh, look, UGA dusted off the baseball program.

Appalachian State v Georgia Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

This weekend was a wild one. The now No. 4-ranked Ole Miss Rebels won two-of-three in College Station in spectacular fashion, but the rest of the SEC West had themselves quite the brutal siesta from the work week.

Every other division member lost their series. So now, not only is the division starting to take shape, even though it’s early, but the top 25 has shifted as well.

Here is where the conference sits in D1Baseball’s Top 25:

  • No. 2 Florida (21-5)
  • No. 4 Ole Miss (22-3) — GANG GANG!!
  • No. 5 Arkansas (17-7)
  • No. 6 Kentucky (17-7)
  • No. 8 Vanderbilt (17-7)
  • No. 13 Auburn (20-5)
  • No. 17 Texas A&M (19-6)
  • No. 21 LSU (16-9)

Dropped out: None

Elsewhere there were some good, some bad, and some ugly moments as well. Let’s take a gander.

The Good

What the hell, Georgia? Who told you where the baseball team was hidden in the basement? Scott Stricklin, of former Kent State Omaha fame, is in his fourth year at the helm in Athens, Ga. and despite South Carolina not being their usual really good selves, they spanked them over the weekend, sweeping the Gamecocks.

USC lost all three games to Georgia by a combined 21-8(!) and Mark Kingston’s club was held scoreless in 23 of the 27 innings of play. That is not good. Now, it is very early, but the Diamond Dawgs are the overall leader in the Southeastern Conference at 5-1 and will have a target on their back in the East with Vanderbilt and Kentucky nipping at their heels.

But congrats to Georgia finally taking advantage of some decent talent in-state and a few more scholarships to work with.

The Bad

Other than Texas A&M blowing leads to yours truly, the only team to get worked over worse than South Carolina was Alabama. And the only reason the Tide didn’t make the Ugly column is due to some extenuating circumstances. But, good lord, Alabama, what are you even doing? Not only are you losing to a “rival”, but Tennessee ain’t that good, fam.

Alabama is now 1-5 in the SEC and 16-9 overall after a ROUGH weekend against the Vols who are now surprisingly 4-2 in the conference. Which, hey, that makes that Friday fluke against us look better, right?

But, hey, Alabama, at least your new stadium is cute and you have a beer garden.

The Ugly

So I alluded to the Ugly team for this week a second ago and, sheesh, they cannot catch a break. The Mississippi State Bulldogs traveled to Columbia, Mo. and lost two-of-three to the Tigers, but it is what is staring them in the face that makes this so damn hideous. Here is their upcoming schedule.

  • @ No. 21 LSU
  • No. 4 Ole Miss
  • @ No. 13 Auburn
  • No. 5 Arkansas
  • No. 17 Texas A&M

I’m not seeing it, y’all.

Other SEC baseball results from the week

Arkansas - 1-3

Auburn - 1-3

Florida - 3-1

Kentucky - 3-1

LSU - 2-2

Vanderbilt - 2-2