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Ole Miss basketball grants 3-star Serrel Smith his release

Kermit Davis grants Smith’s wish.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Ole Miss granted Serrel Smith’s request for a release from his recently signed scholarship papers today, something we here at the Cup always applaud. There’s no reason to hold up the transfer of a player who doesn’t want to be at Ole Miss.

But, at least according to Kermit Davis’ statement, that may not be the case here. Serrel is said to be continuing to consider Ole Miss. He just doesn’t want to be locked in.



If Serrel Smith ends up signing with Ole Miss for a second time, after formally getting a release, I’ll immediately change my tune on Kermit Davis. Many of you know I am not too pleased with the hire, but that will all change if he can re-convince a player who is now hearing from schools like Kentucky and Kansas, to sign with Ole Miss once more.

My assumption, of course, is that either:

  1. Smith is just saying he’ll still consider Ole Miss so that Ole Miss will release him from his scholarship so he can pursue other opportunities.
  2. Kermit Davis is naive.

I want to think it isn’t No. 2, so I’ll go with No. 1. And that’s perfectly fine. No school should preclude a player from going to the school they want to attend.

Again, if Davis and staff convince Smith to sign with Ole Miss again, I’m fully on board. I’m not expecting that though.

The St. Petersburg, Fla. native has received notable interest from some pretty big programs since he committed to Ole Miss and Andy Kennedy back in September. Maryland and Florida are the two big ones that are definitely reaching out (KU and UK are as well but not documented officially) but have yet to extend an offer.