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SEC Baseball Roundup: Arkansas ripped Kentucky limb from limb in week 1

The Razorbacks appear to be forreal.

Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

My goodness, week one was chock full of exciting plays, moments, and wins for Ole Miss. But, we can’t always say the same for everyone else. Especially you, Kentucky, dear God. The first weekend of conference play was a doozy. But, no one suffered quite like the Wildcats.

Here is where the conference sits in D1Baseball’s Top 25:

  • No. 2 Florida (18-4)
  • No. 4 Arkansas (16-4)
  • No. 5 Ole Miss (19-2) — [BLARING HIP-HOP HORNS]
  • No. 6 Kentucky (14-6)
  • No. 8 Vanderbilt (15-5)
  • No. 9 Auburn (19-2)
  • No. 12 Texas A&M (17-4)
  • No. 19 LSU (14-7)

Dropped out: No. 19 Mississippi State (10-10)

Elsewhere there were some good, some bad, and some ugly moments as well. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Good

Them Arkansas Razorbacks. My oh my. Dave Van Horn’s ball club TROUNCED the visiting Kentucky Wildcats. And I mean boat-raced. Kentucky was swept in three games at Baum Stadium in Fayetteville by combined score of 39-15. The Cats came into the game ranked No. 4 and sitting at 14-3 after a fantastic start to the year, including a tourney title in Houston at Minute Maid Park.

Welp. That didn’t last long in the Natural State.

That was one of 13(!) home runs Arkansas hit in THREE GAMES. NCAA ought to do some random drug testing, right?

The Bad

This week’s conference opponent, Texas A&M, had a bit of a shitty week, too. They went on the road to The Plains to take on an upstart Auburn club that is on fire. And the visiting Aggies caught every single one of the Tigers’ hands to the face, managing only one win on the weekend to salvage a sweep. The Aggies are still No. 12 in the country and 17-4, but it was a bad look.

A&M struggled on Friday and Saturday to do much of anything, getting outscored 15-5 in games one and two before winning on Sunday, 5-1. Best believe, now that the Aggies have returned home and licked their wounds, they will be ready for the Rebs on Thursday night when they come calling at Blue Bell Park.

The Ugly

This is an equal opportunity blog so we will share the ugly crown this week. As mentioned above, Kentucky got the cat shit beat out of them by Arkansas and we cannot stress this enough, that is a bad look in week one. Now, it’s not how you start it’s how you finish, but man, that was an awful weekend. You’re supposed to be a College World Series contender and you get sprayed on by the Hogs? You gotta at least snag one out of that buzzsaw.

And sharing the crown this week is none other than the Mississippi State Bulldogs who were also swept but at home by the Vanderbilt Commodores. To say that Vandy was dominant would be an understatement. Tim Corbin’s evil group of MLB Draft pick clones are gaining steam after wins against UCLA and TCU at Dodger Stadium and now a SEC Opening Weekend sweep.

Oh, and don’t look now but the Dores have yet ANOTHER 6’4 freshman who throws gas.

State is reeling not only because of the shadow cast by Andy Cannizaro’s cell phone in the dugout, but they are riddled with injuries all over the place.

And the New Dude has yet to see a SEC win. No bueno.

Other SEC baseball results from the week

Alabama - 3-2

Florida - 3-1

Georgia - 3-1

LSU - 3-1

Missouri - 2-2

South Carolina - 2-2