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Podcast Rebellion: Brady Feigl and Parker Carraci are untouchable

Torch and Karate Kid are making a case for ace status on the front and back end of the staff.

Friday night was the quite the adventure AND headache, but after another dominant outing from Brady Feigl and another successful energy Sunday, the Rebs were able to send the Tennessee Vols back North with two L’s. Mike Bianco’s club responded to a not-so-pleasant finish on Friday with a barrage of arms and bats, dominating the visiting orange-clad losers in top 10 team fashion.

This week’s episode regales you with tales of Torch and Karate Kid, dealing and embarrassing potential suitors with diesel and off-speed stuff that’ll make you wet yourself. Both were outstanding on the weekend and deserve praise and then some. Feigl is now 5-0 after a nine strikeout performance that has, well, become the norm. And Caracci has 24 strikeouts and only one walk in 12.2 innings pitched.

Pretty good.

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