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Ole Miss baseball heads to Atlanta for midweek series against Georgia State


Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

Let’s clear the air on this — stop saying “HOTlanta”.

If you’re still saying this, you better have just fell out of a time machine that just got here from 1998.

It’s not original, it’s always been terrible, no one likes it. But at the same time, it’s going to be used somewhere covering the upcoming series for Ole Miss baseball.

Just watch for it, then see it and say ya boi OMTB is steamin’ ‘bout this right now.

Alright, press reset.

Ole Miss heads to Atlanta this week to play the Georgia State Panthers in a two game mid-week series during spring break. The No. 8 Rebels (GEE WIZ THX D1 FOR MOVING US UP ONE WHOLE SPOT!!,,) are touting a 15-1 record, which is one of the hottest starts of the Mike Bianco era. SEC play begins this weekend, allowing the Rebels two more chances to improve upon its phenomenal start before the grind of conference play gets underway.

Georgia State is a commuter school, and aside from a pretty solid basketball program, I strain to think of other reasons you’d know anything about them.

Fun fact: their football program plays in the former Turner Field home of your Atlanta Braves. You’d think maybe that’d be a cool place to let your baseball team play, but instead they play home games at the imposing GSU Baseball Complex (capacity 1,100).

GSU Athletics

There is hope for the Panthers yet, though. According to their school’s official sports web site, they will be looking to upgrade the complex and I must say, the plans do look pretty friggin’ sweet, y’all.

GSU Athletics

But don’t let their relatively tiny stadium fool you. There’s some talent on this Panther team that has stacked up an 11-4 record including a 3-2 loss against a super, stupendous Auburn team.

The Panthers also recently swept Eastern Illinois (Ole Miss’ swept opponent from last weekend) showing they have some consistency in their play. Georgia State bats around .250 as a team and are led by Jack Thompson and Nick Gatewood who are both over the .300 mark on the year. There’s some pop in the bats overall with 10 roundtrippers in 15 games so far this year.

On the mound, GSU has compiled a 3.50 earned run average this year compared to scoring more than 5 runs per 9 innings against competition. The Rebels will face Bryan White on Tuesday who came to GSU from Georgia Perimeter (its kinda like Northwest FYI). White is a redshirt senior who has put in three years in the Panther program facing big programs in the past like Georgia Tech. I doubt he’ll come into this game intimidated.

On Wednesday, the Rebs are facing the dreaded TBA. Keep an eye out for his performance after tanking last week. Houston Roth and Jordan Fowler have pretty much come into their own as mid-week starters. Fowler had a dominant performance in his first start last week against University of Arkansas-Little Rock, but this week will be more of a challenge on the road.


First pitch: 5 p.m. CT
Online streaming: PANTHER VISION
Game-time weather: 32°, clear, 0% chance of rain
Projected pitchers
Ole Miss: RHP Houston Roth (1-0, 5.40 ERA)
GSU: RHP Bryan White (0-1, 3.96 ERA)


First pitch: 2 p.m. CT
Online streaming: PANTHER VISION
Game-time weather: 50°, partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain
Projected pitchers
Ole Miss: LHP Jordan Fowler (2-0, 1.08 ERA)

After the Rebs play two, they’ll be back on the gravy train to Oxford to face Tennessee this weekend.

If you’re wanting to watch the games the next two days, there is something called Panther Vision which I was hoping was going to have something to do with Friday Night Lights, Buddy Garrity, and most importantly Lyla Garrity. Alas, it’s just most likely a grainy internet feed of the games for like $100.

Shout out to the Ole Miss students on Spring Break right now. South Padre Island, Cancun, Fort Lauderdale, Lake Havasu, go get nuts.