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Phil Longo wore a bandana to welcome Bret Michaels to the 2018 class

Every space can be chased. Just like every spring has its practice.

Twitter-Phil Longo

Ole Miss offensive coordinator Phil Longo hit the motherload back in December when he flipped four-star quarterback Matt Corral from Florida and signed him during the early signing period. He was no doubt a key cog in the Rebels being able to land two more blue-chip receivers in Miles Battle and Elijah Moore, and he was also an active recruiter on campus during CROOTAPALOOZA.

But Phil not only struck gold when he found his quarterback of the future, but it was the baggage that Corral brought with him to Oxford. And it’s the good kind, trust me. The 6’2, 202-pounder is not only bringing a cannon for an arm and the most swagger we’ve seen since CK10 was under center, but he is pals with Poison front man Bret Michaels due to the fact that he dates his daughter, Raine.

As you can see in the picture above, Longo grabbed the mic at Ole Miss’ 2018 National Signing Day Party on Wednesday and donned a red and white bandana to pay tribute to the rock legend. Then, in the tweet above, you see Michaels posted on Facebook that his daughter’s boyfriend, Corral, is now a member of the Ole Miss football team and that Longo “channeled and rocked his inner Bret Michaels” to welcome the next signal caller in Oxford. But, not to be outdone, Longo gave Bret some love and now the former rock star is wanting to come do a Hotty Toddy and maybe donate a player’s lounge or two, who knows?

Maybe he can be the next bag man and help us lockdown the most loaded Mississippi class in the history of recruiting in 2019? Or even just serenade the players as they walk down the Walk of Champions with a remix to “Talk Dirty to Me” called “Chase Space with Me”? These are all possibilities for the newest member of the 2018 recruiting class.

But, let’s go back to the tweet above, couple things here. Mr. Michaels speaks in the third person in his Facebook post, hell yeah, I dig it. He also reaffirmed what we already knew about our good boy Phil, declaring him an “awesome coach”. He also gives some dap to head coach Matt Luke, calling him an “awesome coach” as well. He then signs off by saying that the Rebels “will rock”.

Fucking right, Bret.