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These Ole Miss baseball field gems will make you want to run through a brick wall


Ole Miss baseball 2018 is nearly upon us, and given most media polls’ high feelings on this year’s Diamond Sharks, fans should be excited as all hell for what Mike Bianco’s club has in store for us.

Let us pause here, though, to say that you need to watch the hell out of this diamond gems video the Ole Miss baseball media shop put out earlier this week, and try not to rip your shirt off over your head and and go screaming out into the driveway trying to make a diving catch. My word this is epic., perhaps the most qualitative poll out there for college baseball, holds the Rebels among their preseason top 10, a fairly complimentary rank to a club that failed out of making last year’s postseason tournament. D1B rather likes Ole Miss’ pitching staff, but there are still questions marks up and down the order, but hopefully those holes can be ironed out early in the season.