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Ole Miss gave Matt Luke a blank national champions tree and it’s already broken

How about some inside baseball jokes?

We’re not a Texas A&M blog, but the Aggie boys have been making some funny news of late. On Wednesday, A&M “awarded” newly crowned football emperor Jimbo Fisher with a blank NCAA Division I Football National Championship trophy-plaque or some-such, which is technically the name of the FCS’ national championship award. Texas A&M is nominally a member of the FBS register of football programs, so let fly your jokes as you will.

Anyway, this future fake news bit of TAMU football glory-claiming raises interesting questions for every college football program in the country, not least UCF, who actually won last season’s national college football championship, because the Knights went totally undefeated over the course of the 2017 season. You can’t take that away from them, though you can apparently deny them a College Football Playoff final four spot. Very cool and good sport we have here.

Let’s then flash forward to Wednesday, when Texas A&M awarded newly hired head coach Jimbo Fisher a blank check sort of national championship trophy — or plaque or whatever.

Via Coaches’ Corner

It’ll be interesting to see how that pans out, but kudos to Jimbo in any case, notwithstanding that he’s now the future owner of an FCS national title, despite coaching at Texas A&M, which is a member of the SEC West.

Coincidentally, and to bring this bit of absurd news back home, Ole Miss itself offered newly installed head coach Matt Luke a blank-check sort of trophy of his own on Wednesday, commemorating his own future national football championship, but with a slight update to the already weirdly designed CFB national championship trophy. Rebel athletics has awarded Luke with a Division I Football National Championship trophy in the form of a magnificent tree alongside Jackson Avenue in Oxford, Miss. Here’s a recent look-in at Luke’s hardware.

Well, this is awkward, and let’s certainly not go searching for metaphors, here, because that could turn messy. Instead, let’s get a better look at this national championship trophy, a trophy which Matt Luke has already won in college football, in the future.

Seems legit, and somehow way too appropriate. No more questions.