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Ole Miss baseball wins on walk-off passed ball, because of RALLY CHESTS

A tradition is born.

Ole Miss baseball has continued its undefeated start to the 2018 season, moving to 8-0 after a 7-6 win over Murray State in Oxford on Tuesday night. The Rebels started slow through the first four innings, but exploded in the fifth to grab a short-lived lead, 5-4, thanks to Nick Fortes’ total disregard for his third base coach.

Entering the bottom of the ninth inning, proceedings sat deadlocked at 6-6, and Ole Miss proceeded to load the bases with one out. That buildup was due in no small measure to the Rebel dugout’s open exposure of their burly chests. That’s right: a new college baseball bench shenanigan has been born, the RALLY CHEST.

After loading the bases, Murray State’s closer tossed a wild pitch, which plated Thomas Dillard, Ole Miss’ current big baseball boy. This then sealed the win for Ole Miss, a beautiful walk-off passed ball.

The Rebel dugout needs to lock down a trademark on the RALLY CHEST, because not only is it apparently very effective, but also ridiculously college baseball.