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Nick Fortes blasts through stop sign, hits 6th gear, and scores anyway

“Nah, I’m good, coach.”

Ole Miss baseball has had some early trouble with Murray State in the midweek matchup, falling behind to a 4-0 lead, but the diamond Rebs exploded in the fifth inning to tie things up then take a one-run lead on the strength of an impressive rally from the middle of the lineup.

Cole Zabowski got the party started with a double to center that plated a run.

Zabowski’s two-bagger initiated a buildup that loaded the bases for Ole Miss, which then brought Thomas The Tank Engine Dillard to the dish to smash a fine offering deep into far right field. This tattoo cleared the bases, thanks to Nick Fortes’ complete and utter disregard for the third base coach’s firm command to STOP, DUDE.

Let’s slow that down right quick.

Murray State tied matters up at five apiece in the top of the next frame, then Will Ethridge pulled through with some special stuff in the seventh to preserve the deadlock. We’ll update this post as the proceedings continue.