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Thomas Dillard smashes HR to Holly Springs, gloats, and bat flips to Sardis Lake

Tank needs to grow a mustache.

Zach Berry-imgur

Ole Miss baseball blasted Tulane out of Oxford this weekend, tallying the team’s second weekend series sweep of the 2018 season. Play was postponed on Friday night in the middle of the fifth inning, but that didn’t matter whatsoever, as the Diamondsharks worked out a 5-4 win in the closing innings on Saturday.

We’re here to discuss Sunday’s tilt, however, and specifically Thomas Dillard’s brilliant big blast into right field in the bottom of the fourth inning. Just look at this glorious shot.

If you’re not following Ole Miss baseball analytics on Twitter, you absolutely need to, because they provide the following information about Dillard’s big boy dinger.

We shall officially credit Dillard with not only the season’s first disrespectful bat flip, but also the young season’s clubhouse leader for home run celebration. Should Dillard continue in this capacity, we respectfully ask that he grow out his mustache to full Ron Swanson majesty, because Ole Miss’ clubhouse has been in dire need of another Sikes Orvis for some time now.

Dillard’s baseball body and connectivity have him well on his way to laying claim to Sikes’ successor.