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Almost Oxford: King Chicken Fillin’ Station has ELITE gas station chicken

Belden, Mississippi holds a treasure, y’all.

Table Cobbleson-Almost Oxford

In our third installment of Almost Oxford, I stretched the rules a little bit and headed out to Belden, MS which is a little far, but still within an hour of Oxford. As Red Cup’s resident gas station expert, I would feel like I was shirking my duties if didn’t immediately investigate Lee County’s oldest running service station reborn as the brand new “King Chicken Fillin’ Station”.

Oxford has badly needed definitively great fried chicken within reasonable driving distance. “Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken” is pretty good, but many would argue ours seems to have lost some of its Memphis magic. Chicken on a stick is great, but what if I told you I found a gas station with chicken that still taste just as good when you’re sober? Enter King Chicken Fillin’ Station, brought to you by Mitch McCamey, the man behind Oxford and Tupelo’s “Neon Pig Butchershop & Cafe”.

This isn’t your standard gas station chicken. This is Sunday dinner at grandma’s fried chicken. This is I get too hungry writing about it and devolve into awful southern clichés fried chicken. They start it off right by brining it in sugar, salt, and water then air dry it. If you want, they’ll finish it off for you in your choice of sauce or dry rub with options like Caribbean jerk, lemon pepper, cajun, sweet honey BBQ, mild, medium, hot etc.

Having tried a few my recommendation is the secret recipe super hot Cashville sauce. I could go on for a while about the menu but i’ll just let you check it out yourself on their Facebook page If chicken and waffles weekends don’t have you already planning a trip, I don’t know how to persuade you, unless...

Table Cobbleson-Almost Oxford

Ok, ignore the powerpoint. Oxford has some pretty good chicken, but King Chicken Fillin’ Station is next level so go check it out! Oh, and as always, sound off in the comments and let me know what you think after you eat!