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Almost Oxford: Little Taste of Chicago is Midwest in Mississippi

This Second City tribute establishment has it all.

Billy Conner;William J. Conner [& Family] Photo by Leonard Mccombe/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

In part two of our road series “Almost Oxford”, I explored all the nooks and crannies of Batesville, Mississippi to find the best bars, restaurants, and oddities that I always suspected were there if one knew where to look. I actually didn’t know where to look, but luckily my knack for stumbling ass backwards into a good find hasn’t decided to fail me yet. Thats more or less how I found Little Taste of Chicago.

Little Taste of Chicago’s owners are actually from Chicago. Maybe. Or possibly what we think of as authentic Chicago cuisine actually derives from Batesville roots. Impossible to say. Here is what I know: I happened to find this place with a guy from Chicago, who I would consider an expert. Its just a little gas station looking shack on the outside.

On the inside I saw a sign that said “Special: 2 Chicago dogs or chili dogs with fries for $4”. A Chicago style dog is classified as having a beef dog in a (sometimes sesame seed) bun with celery salt, sports pepper, kosher dill pickle, white onion, sweet relish, tomatoes, and mustard.

From an aesthetic perspective these Batseville dogs were slightly different than the norm as Chicago dogs mostly have a pickle spear as opposed to slices, and a neon green colored sweet relish. From a taste perspective, no flaw could be found. Also, it turns out the dogs were made with Vienna Beef which is the most common brand served in Chicago. If you need a head to head comparison to appreciate this one, Sonic offers a really mediocre Chicago dog you can try.

Little Taste of Chicago also offers menu items such as Italian beef sandwiches, Polish dogs, chicken wings, fried catfish, pizza puffs, and probably some stuff I forgot. Oh, and on the menu they say “hot dog sandwiches” which was like, a whole thing on this website right? Right. So, you know, go eat a damn hotdog.