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Stefan Moody wins Greek league dunk contest after achieving low earth orbit

He’s listed as 5’10. Sure, why not.

Mississippi v Memphis
(This isn’t the dunk.)
Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Stefan Moody achieved a great many things during his time in Oxford, leading the SEC in scoring for long stretches at a time before tragically missing the NCAA tournament in his final year of eligibility at Ole Miss, and frankly that sucked.

Moody went on to join the professional ranks in the Turkish basketball league, after whispers of NFL teams eyeing his athleticism in service of their backend defenses surfaced. That, of course, never panned out, but never mind.

Yung Stef has since departed from northeast Turkey for Greece, where he currently plays for the Rethymno (pronounced re-THOOM-no) Cretan Kings, on the Greek island of Crete, home to the mythological Minotaur and Daedalus’ Labyrinth. He appears to be thriving in the central Mediterranean, as evidenced by his thunderous victory in the Greek Basketball League’s dunk contest on Sunday.

Let’s have a look at the tape.

Those familiar with Moody’s oeuvre at Ole Miss should feel no surprise at our man’s hops here, seeing as he attacked from inside and out on a weekly basis in college, all on the way to amassing 1,294 total career points as a Rebel. It’s difficult to judge just how tall his human obstacle is here, but a rough estimate among RCR’s editorial board places this person-prop in the neighborhood of 6’6.