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Every Ole Miss signing of the 2018 Early Signing Period

Crootin’ Christmas is here. Refresh this page throughout the day as letters of intent roll in.

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Welcome to the second annual Early Signing Period. For the majority of Wednesday morning and afternoon, the decisions of high schoolers and junior college players will re-shape rosters, depth charts and scholarship numbers for football programs all over the country and make a whole lot of people very angry/happy on Twitter dot com.

This is a three-day window, but most of the action will take place on Wednesday. To help you sift through the insanity, we’ve set up this post to track who’s signing where and who’s still up for grabs. Below, you’ll see four lists: 1) commits who have sent their letter of intent to Ole Miss, 2) recruits who have committed to Ole Miss but haven’t sent in LOIs, 3) non-committed Ole Miss targets who haven’t signed with anyone yet and 4) Ole Miss targets who have signed with other programs.

We’ll be moving guys from list to list throughout the day as updates come in.

Note: all ratings are according to 247Sports Composite Rankings.

Signed with Ole Miss on Wednesday

Ole Miss has formally announced receipt of these guys’ letters of intent. This list is in the order they are received.

  1. 3-star OT Reece McIntyre
  2. 3-star OT Jeremy James
  3. 3-star OT Carter Colquitt
  4. 3-star S A.J. Finley
  5. 3-star CB Jalen Jordan
  6. 3-star QB Kinkead Dent
  7. 3-star WR Jordan Jernigan
  8. 3-star OG Bryce Ramsey
  9. 3-star JUCO CB Jamar Richardson
  10. 3-star OT Caleb Warren
  11. 3-star OT Nick Broeker
  12. 3-star JUCO S Jonathan Haynes
  13. 3-star LB Eric Jeffries
  14. 3-star WR Jadon Jackson
  15. 4-star JUCO DE Sam Williams
  16. 4-star OT Darius Thomas
  17. 3-star S Jay Stanley
  18. 3-star OLB Ashanti Cistrunk
  19. 4-star WR Dannis Jackson
  20. 3-star DT Patrick Lucas
  21. 3-star CB DeAntre Prince
  22. 3-star S Tavario Standifer
  23. 3-star QB Grant Tisdale
  24. 3-star JUCO WR Dontario Drummond
  25. 3-star RB Jarod Conner

The ones who got away

These are the Ole Miss targets who signed with other programs on Wednesday. Best of luck, fellas.