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Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M football 2018: Time, TV schedule, and online streaming

Ole Miss gets the early set, again.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s happening again. Ole Miss and Texas A&M are getting together for their annual SEC West tussle, and somebody will win the game. We’re not going to make a call either way, because, well, to do so would expose ourselves to a wrong game pick, and that is the internet’s most egregious sin.

What we will tell you is that the expected combined score is 68 points and the Aggies are projected to double up Ole Miss, 35-18. TAMU is favored by 19 points at home, which feels like a blind dart throw into the board, because there will be points scored this day. If you have any scratch in this affair, you need to maybe rethink your betting life.

Ole Miss is banged up and the Rebel defense is terrible. These are bare facts presented without qualification. What that entails for the Rebs’ match-up in College Station on Saturday is anyone’s guess. Let’s just watch the find out.

That’s why they play the games, anyway.

How to watch:

Where: College Station, Texas
When: 11 a.m. CT
Online streaming: CBS Sports