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Podcast Rebellion: Kelly English joins for a BONUS EPISODE about food and booze

Our family is here to talk all things holiday libations and Southern cuisine.

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Kelly English-Second Line

Our buddy and fantastic chef, Kelly English, joins us on this bonus episode to talk all things booze and food. He gives us his take on holiday staples, what to eat, what not to eat, his go-to meals for Christmas, go-to cocktails, favorite bourbons, and what NOT to eat at a restaurant.

He also takes us on a culinary journey through Nashville, Memphis, Oxford, Jackson, Biloxi, and New Orleans.


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If you like gambling and good food, go see our good friend Kelly English at the Magnolia House in Biloxi’s Harrah’s Gulf Coast. Blackjack, slots, Southern cooking—what’s not to like?

When you’re looking to stock the cooler for this week’s games, ask for Old Dominick at your local package store and be sure to cop their brand spankin’ new high rye bourbon, Huling Station. They’re located in downtown Memphis, trace their roots back to Italy, and take pride in providing you a true sip of Memphis.