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Podcast Rebellion: Chase Parham talks Ole Miss chancellor search and how to rejuvenate the fanbase

The editor is in studio to give us the scoop on the chancellor shenanigans and to talk some 2018 football.

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Josh McCoy-Ole Miss Athletics

It’s been a rough go of it for Ole Miss fans as of late. But, now that there is some light at the end of the chancellor tunnel, we can all begin to recover together. And who better to come in to the NCAA Probation studios to tell us all about it and why it’s going to be ok than Chase Parham, Rebel Grove’s editor and Oxford Exxon Podcast co-host.

He gives us his take on why Jeffrey Vitter was let go, where the university goes from here, and he tells us about his candidate that he thinks can come in and right the proverbial ship. We also ask him about this football team, what Matt Luke can do to get folks’ attention again, and he also gives a few nuggets about the Ole Miss baseball team and their fall ball season that just wrapped up.

And we also recap week 11 in the SEC and around the country.

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