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8 historical facts you didn’t know about Ole Miss homecoming games

It ain’t always been pretty.

The 1960 Homecoming game against LSU resulted in a tie, the only game the Rebels didn’t win during the season.
The Ole Miss Yearbook, 1961
The Ole Miss Yearbook, 1925

1) Ole Miss’ first homecoming game was on Nov. 22, 1924 with a 10-6 win over Mississippi College.

2) Ole Miss has lost 15 times, most recently in 2011 to Louisiana Tech (27-7), which surprised no one in 2011.

The Ole Miss Yearbook, 1966

3) Florida has beaten Ole Miss on Homecoming more than any other team. The Gators ruined the weekend in 1965 with a 17-0 shutout and did it again in 1972 (16-0). A field goal prevented a third Homecoming goose egg in 1980, but Florida still walked away victorious, 15-3. (Needless to say, the Rebs never played Florida on Homecoming again.)

4) The Rebels’ worst Homecoming loss came in 1949 in a 47-0 shutout against Kentucky.

5) Ole Miss has played Vanderbilt on Homecoming a whopping 18 times starting in 1948. (Vandy’s also responsible for two of the Rebels’ 15 losses with close games in 1980 (27-23) and 1991 (30-27).

The Clarksdale Press Register, Oct. 30, 2000

6) The only Homecoming game to go into overtime was against UNLV in 2000. The Rebels were trailing by three when Deuce McAllister, suffering a badly sprained ankle that kept him out of regulation, insisted Cutcliffe put him in to save Ole Miss from a Homecoming loss.

7) The 1960 Homecoming game against LSU ended in a 6-6 tie, the only imperfection on an otherwise perfect season in which the Rebels were named national champions by the FWAA. The only other Homecoming tie came in 1929 against Sewanee.

8) Ole Miss’ biggest Homecoming win came in 1969—nice—to Southern Miss in a blowout win where the Rebs scored—wait for it—69 points.