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Javon Patterson losing his mind was every Ole Miss fan after this crucial TD

TFW the comeback is on against Arkansas.

Ole Miss fans were pretty damn pumped to take down Arkansas last Saturday. The Razorbacks had reeled off four straight wins in the most absurdly unpredictable series in college football, including the 2015 fourth-and-25 and last year’s dramatic three-score comeback. For the Rebels to feed them some of their own medicine by rallying from a 10-point hole in the final five minutes in Little Rock was thrilling indeed.

Perhaps no one was more excited than Ole Miss O-lineman Javon Patterson. With his team trailing 33-24 with just over four minutes remaining in the game, he helped drag running back Isiah Woullard into the end zone on one of the more entertaining touchdowns you’ll see.

Getting across the plane of the end zone is indeed exciting, and it’s made all the more so after Patterson’s ridiculous, ludicrous, careening celebration after the fact. Indeed, many Ole Miss fans went trundling around their living rooms in similar fashion after Patterson dragged Woullard forward into the end zone to pull the Rebs to a two-point, 31-33 deficit. As they rightfully should have.

A large, excited man lumbering merrily out of frame while wildly gesticulating will never not be hilarious, and on Saturday night, we were all Javon Patterson in that moment.

The Rebel defense would make a critical stand on the ensuing and hand it back to the offense for a game-winning, 97-yard march to the end zone. The Rebs failed on the two-point conversion, sure, but promptly intercepted the game’s final pass to seal their first win over the Razorpigs in nearly half a decade.

What mirth. What zaniness. This game is never not like this.