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The LEGAL College Football Betting Guide: Week 7

PUT THE COFFEE DOWN. Coffee is for degenerate gamblers only.

Maryland v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

On Aug. 1, 2018, betting on sports became legal in Mississippi. Federal and state law Now protect your God-given right to drive to Biloxi and blow hard-earned money on the over/under of some Tuesday night MAC game. To help guide you through the first season of legal college football gambling (because you certainly weren’t taking advantage of gray-area internet gambling sites before!), we’ve set up this weekly betting guide.

If someone could meet me in Tunica on Saturday morning, I need to borrow approximately $1,000 in small bills to make up for my performance last weekend.

Week 6 was our worst yet, posting a 1-3 record and driving our season total to an abysmal 12-14. Last season, I guided you to a 68 percent winning rate, so the very moral and wise line setters are taking that success out on me this season.

But you know what? Screw ‘em. Every week is a clean slate and a chance to pay off your Toyota 4Runner for which you paid about five grand over market value.

No. 7 Washington at No. 17 Oregon

Bet Washington to win at -160

I’m not a believer in Oregon, mainly because of their game against Stanford, when they blew a 17-point lead late in the second half. They didn’t let an up-tempo, high-flying, run and shoot offense come back on them—they let the heavy-sets, plodding and scheme-sound Stanford come back on them. The Huskies’ only loss came against Auburn in what was really a road game in Atlanta to kick off the year, though Washington struggled to get past horrible UCLA last week. I think they show up motivated and for an early 12:30 p.m. local time kick. The Huskies take down the Ducks.

No. 10 UCF at Memphis

Bet UCF to cover the five-point spread

Memphis just isn’t the same this year. The loss of quarterback Riley Ferguson and wide receiver Anthony Miller has been more impactful to the offense than expected. Defending national champs Central Florida, meanwhile, continue to roll week in and week out. The Liberty Bowl can be a difficult place to play when it fills up, but unless Ole Miss or Tennessee is the opponent, it rarely does any more. The Tigers can keep it within 10, but the Knights will cover five. Take that money and run.

No. 15 Wisconsin at No. 12 Michigan

Bet the under at 49 points

This game is going to be something 24-17 or 24-21, because it is the epitome of Big Ten football and most of their games end in that fashion. It’s a top-25 matchup with conference division title implications, so the coaches are going to play things conservatively to stay in this game for as long as possible to help their job statuses. Shea Patterson in games vs legit college defenses has not yet had a breakout, so we’re going to bet against that happening this week. Michigan’s defense is stout enough to hold Wisconsin’s rushing attack in check for the most part until late in the game.

Ole Miss at Arkansas

Bet the over at 67 points

I know 67 points seems like a lot, but have you watched this game recently? It is akin to a tornado wrapped into a hurricane filled with bees, sharks and swords. Chaos and calamity will undoubtedly occur for 60 minutes on Saturday. If the game ended at 77-73 in regulation with the National Guard brought in at halftime to clear the stadium of all fans and only radio broadcasts allowed due to the shear insanity of this game, it wouldn’t be surprising.

So what’d we get right and what’s dead wrong? Comment or tweet @redcuprebellion with your can’t miss picks or what casino you’ll be imbibing, eating and blowing your nest egg at this weekend.