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Mississippi State executes a beautiful fumble play for an 87-yard field advantage

This is the funniest college football moment you will watch.

We’re an Ole Miss blog, but our unruly neighbors Mississippi State just pulled off the most unworldly beautiful college football thing and we have to show this to you. This is a 87-yard fumble recovery, which forced a third-and-goal from Louisiana Tech’s own SEVEN YARD LINE. THE SEVEN.

Just take a look at this beauty, because it just keeps going, man.

There’s no way to break down this film clip, because utter college football chaos is transpiring in far too real time. Somebody kicks the ball? It doesn’t matter.

LA Tech in fact began this play with second and goal on, like, State’s six yard line, and the ball ended up back on their own nine yard line. That, in a word, is bad.

Ole Miss and Mississippi State will reunite in about 10 weeks, and we can only expect something similar to this at Thanksgiving because CHAOS TEAM. Anyway, this fumble play is already the highlight of the 2017 season.