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Ole Miss head coach Matt Luke will reportedly appear before NCAA Committee on Infractions

Luke is more or less required to be there.

NCAA Football: South Alabama at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The years-long NCAA investigation into Ole Miss football’s corrupt corruption has now roped interim (???) head coach Matt Luke into its web. Luke will reportedly appear before the NCAA’S Committee on Infractions next Monday in Covington, Kent., which sports a spectacular German bierhaus.

The news was first reported by The Ole Miss Spirit’s Chuck Rounsaville. The Clarion-Ledger’s Antonio Morales has also heard the same.

For context: in the UNC basketball case, current head man Roy Williams was also hauled in before a COI panel, and UNC vice head chancellor Joel Curran explained the coach’s presence there thus:

It is standard practice for the current head coaches of programs referenced in a notice of allegations to attend the hearing, according to Joel Curran, UNC’s vice chancellor of University communications (emphasis added).

So it’s a politely compulsory invitation that Luke attend. Morales further points out that current coaches are required to attend, which makes at least some sense, notwithstanding Luke’s non-links to any NCAA infractions.

Considering though that this hearing will have a direct effect on his team and his job, it would be strange if Luke were in fact not in the room. Whatever sanctions come down on Ole Miss as a result of this probe concern his immediate situation, so he definitely needs to be there. Still, though, one wonders what the COI would need from the Rebs’ interim head coach, outside of possibly witnessing — over even ENGAGING IN — nefarious non-compliant behavior. What exactly is Luke going to say in this little sit-down? Will he say anything at all?

In any case, if he has to be there, he has to be there. Perhaps it’s merely as innocent as a cordial “FYI.”

Further, and more to the point regarding actual Ole Miss Rebel football happening on the field, this is the Monday of the damn Cal game. Your man has to fly out to Berkeley later next week, elite liberal hotbed that it is, and, y’know, coach a college football game. What an unnecessary headache.

Franz Kafka would like to buy Matt Luke a drink.

We’ll update this story as more information becomes available.