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Jordan Wilkins lifts off to hurdle Alabama defender on 21-yard scamper

A grown man leaping over a grown man.

Ole Miss and Alabama are currently going through their annual rock fight, and the Tide are up significantly on Ole Miss early, 28-3, in the early stretches of the second quarter. The Rebels cannot find a way to stop Alabama’s offense, and their own attempts at offense have been trifling, to say the least.

Anyway, there was a lone bright spot in the second half of the first quarter, when Ole Miss RB Jordan Wilkins ripped off a 21-yard run in a completely disrespectful move against Bama’s defense. Look at this crime against humanity.

Most impressive here is Wilkins’ anticipation that the tackle is coming from a low angle, because he — a decent sized running back — is barreling down on a member of #ROLLTIDE’s secondary, who tend to be more wiry fellows.

But this spectacular, leaping athleticism stands out as the lone bright spot in the early goings of what is an extended murder. We’re still here watching, of course, because we’re voyeurs, but it’s bad. It will get worse.

Jordan Wilkins forever.