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Why hasn’t Steve Robertson sent me a review copy of FLIM FLAM?

What is he afraid of?

Mississippi State v Mississippi
When the review copy arrives.
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I have in the indicative mood stated that I will read Steve Robertson’s awful book about Ole Miss’ NCAA violations. I’m going to review it, giving you, Red Cup Rebellion readers, hopefully a general highlight reel of what’s contained therein. I’m doing this because I’m teaching Classics and horror this semester, and that class is trying to kill me. I hate myself.

ANYWAY, I made a promise to you, to myself, that I was going to review this stupid awful book here at RCR. It may take the shape of three separate posts. Maybe it’ll be a single 10,000 word screed on how laughably petty it is. I don’t know, BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE A DAMN REVIEW COPY OF THIS THING. SEND ME A REVIEW COPY.

Alright. I, the current and embattled managing editor of this little shop, have requested TWICE, formally, via email, a review copy of FLIM FLAM. These emails are cordial and professional, unlike some of my more recent behavior. They straight up ask the publisher for a review copy of the book, as a Mississippi sports writer. I have been entirely ignored. I haven’t received a single response. Nothing. Total silence.

So what then is the deal here? This book is apparently atop the Mississippi bestsellers lists currently — (we have yet to check that fact) — and Steve Robertson certainly wants and needs publicity. Send me the book. I’m going to write a review of it on this very blog and tear it to shreds because as I’ve heard from a Mississippi State friend it’s frighteningly boring. Just, nothing fucking happens, man. Nothing that we don’t know already. There are like three chapters devoted to the catfish Twitter account or whatever, as if that’s some earth-shattering revelation. Congrats, Steve.

Send me a review copy. Someone, please, send me a damn review copy. Send me this stupid book so I can read it and waste three days of my life ingesting and writing about it.