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VIDEO: Ole Miss volleyball rallies through a 32-second long point in win over Alabama


I watched men’s indoor volleyball at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, and that sport seems very difficult. For one, you have to be built like Lebron James, but you also need to be able to dive to the ground at a split second’s notice. The ground, by the way, is hardwood.

Ole Miss’ volleyball team is currently 10-5 in the young season, and they’re a wicked fun club to watch. On Sunday, they faced down none other than the Alabama Crimson Tide in Oxford, and pulled out a 3-1 set win. That victory came in part due to one of the most aesthetically pleasing collected group efforts ever submitted to human experience. Here are 32 full seconds of a volleyball point that end with Ole Miss scoring on a screaming block at the net. Lexi Thompson forever.

That’s Thompson on the rejection, and she’s rightfully stirred the hell up. That’s a defensive score, and would that the damn football team could do that too.

The ball crosses the net a full 11 times throughout this exchange, including the kill attempt and Thompson’s emphatic block for point. Let us further not understate the heroics of senior Kate Gibson in the backyard, who rips out two well-diving digs to save the Rebs’ endeavor.

Watch these women. They’re terrific.