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Podcast Rebellion: The Hungover Horsemen talk Bryce Harper and Week 4

We discuss how the experiment with our only son came alive and what happened on the fourth college football Saturday.

The bye week has come and gone and the Rebels managed to not lose a football game so hooray. On this week’s hangover episode, Ghost of Jay Cutler, Gray Hardison, and Jim Lohmar join to break down how the hell our beloved son came to find himself on the verge of a massive career milestone: starting the Hotty Toddy cheer before an Ole Miss football game. This is equally amazing and mind-boggling. Mostly because it makes so many people mad for whatever reason.

We talk about our very good, good boy Bryce and his quest for a World Series crown and a place in the Ole Miss record books as the most handsome celebrity to do the Are You Ready before a game. Then, we talk about some of the big games from the weekend and why Alabama is going to steamroll our Rebels on Saturday. But, we give some hot taeks about what we’re looking forward to and we make fun of Hugh Freeze because who the hell cares?