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Your Saturday college football OPEN THREAD

The Rebs can’t let you down this week.

Welcome to Week 4. Ole Miss’ bye week. They, we, can heal and recover from the madness of last Saturday’s #Pac12AfterDark. Lord that was a doozy of a game, and with the hindsight of seven days, something like that should happen every year in college football.

Have you read the field guide? READ THE FIELD GUIDE.

That song up there is the single greatest musical item that Thin Lizzy ever produced. “The Boys are Back in Town” is too hackneyed and overplayed at this point to really stir any sort of reaction. “Cowboy Song” still bangs, “Jailbreak” holds up fairly well, but “Dedication” is far and away their most adult, serious effort. This blog is dedicated to you.

I’m elated at the work we did this week, especially our Oxford restaurant eulogies, Will Gates’ penetrating dip into the Rebs’ improved defense, and GETTING BRYCE HARPER TO POTENTIALLY LEAD A HOTTY TODDY CHEER AT A FOOTBALL GAME. That, there, currently registers as the pinnacle of my professional blogging life, and I will be totally floored to see it actually happen. Thank you to everyone for chipping in to make it happen. And thanks to Ross Bjork and the Ole Miss media relations people for being so cordial and helpful in my emails and calls to you.

So, anyway, here’s your open thread for the duration. Yell at each other or whatever. I have to copy-edit for the dot com site from 9-5 ET, but I might pop in later. Have fun, you rascals.