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Bryce Harper, your best pal, is wearing an Ole Miss football helmet

Our large, hirsute son.

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals
When you’re an Ole Miss fan.
Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

A handful of our writers are based in Washington D.C., a wonderful city full of wonderful people not holding elected office. They cheer for the Washington Nationals, a decent-to-good club this year, not least due to their excellent pitching staff and bullpen, and very much due to the fact that they employ Bryce Harper, who is our son.

Bryce Harper, you may or may not know, is the Nats’ large adult slugger, and he happens to also be Red Cup Rebellion’s large adult son, which we mentioned above. We love our darling, burly boy. And so because of this fact, because we love our hairy, muscular, dashing child so much, we were utterly thrilled to see the following image appear in a random post at the otherwise overlookable Rebel Grove. Just look at our charming boy:

That’s Bryce fucking Harper sporting an Ole Miss Rebels football helmet at the home (casa our bilingual, gifted son says) of his good pal and Ole Miss baseball alum Aaron Barrett. Barrett waddled around the Nats’ already crowded bullpen last year, and this season he’s waddling around AAA, nursing an elbow injury. He’s currently with the Syracuse Chiefs, but still enough plugged in to the Washington system to enjoy the company of our beautiful, wonderful boy, Bryce Harper.

We’re so proud of our splendid, handsome boy.